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The weather varies very much during the 4 seasons. There are extreme temperatures which mean lots of wardrobe items needed.
I feel safe in this area. Although there are also areas that I would not feel safe.
Much variety here for restaurants, clubs etc. Colleges here which brings more businesses.
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Lots to do here but growing too much.
Gotten very congested and growing here. Some pedestrian/bike pathways.
We have many good restaurants. Lots of nearby lakes. People come to the mall here.
Lots of great restaurants and mom & pop shops. Also a very nice mall. You can get what you need here!
I don't know first hand but I think that reaction time of police/fire is adequate. I have heard some troubles with 911 response time.
This area now has lots of diversity. People are generally friendly.
You can definitely see a difference in housing in certain neighborhoods in this area. I don't think there are too many vacant properties.
I don't think it would be impossible to get a job here. But the pay rate is not very good.
There are plenty of health clubs around. There are nice walking paths in my neighborhood.
No beaches but plenty of parks and outdoor activities. Pollution is not too bad here.