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I love living here in St. George . Like most downtowns areas it is especially special because the rest of Staten Island is more desolate and suburban . Here I have the best of busy city vibes mixed with beautiful nature and hills and a beautiful view of Manhattan's skyline . The neighborhood is more close knit than those of the over crowded Brooklyn or queens . There's a lot of local restaurants and bars around where everyone knows everyone and run by independent business owners.
i always see them around the area
easy to get around, close to the ferry, nice people
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In the general area its a quiet neighborhood with the few bodegas and a Laundromat. Commuting wise I have to take a bus all around Staten Island and then take the ferry over to Manhattan. I find this to be an inconvenience; I would prefer to live in the city instead of Staten Island. I am more accustomed to the city life than a quiet and simple neighborhood
There are a lot of shops around my house all well maintained and easily accessible.
There are diverse restaurants around the area
Although there are shops in the area they are usually family owned and thus jobs stay in the family.
They're all okay. There's not much that is special around here.
Most people that I know in the youthful age group just work dead end jobs to bring some sort of income into their pockets. The adults who received education and specialize in fields are mostly working, but I often hear complaints about how it is hard to manage their budgets and still live the lives they want to live for themselves and their children