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There is rarely any crime in my part of the neighborhood though, down the street from my apartment, there are illegal immigrants that wait outside of the Home Depot to get picked up for odd jobs by random people. The St Edward's University campus police are slow when dealing with crimes on campus but the city police are fast a efficient.
It's crazy to think about how I've utterly fallen in love with this beautiful city. When I first came to Austin I was scared about living in a city for the first time, to study and live all by myself. As time has gone by I have gained a family through the ROTC community and my friends in college. I realize this is where I am supposed to be at this point in my life. Every second I am here I cherish the moments, opportunities, friends, and family that I have here--- a family that I have created from the people around me.
I've never heard about any robber around my neighborhood.
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I would definetely live the rest of my life here if I could and maybe start a family too! I love the food and the natural pools and parks, perfect to hang out with friends, dates, family, pets, etc. I think the only bad thing is the traffic but every big city faces the same problem. I think Austin is just getting better!
Austin is growing quickly, so its okay now but its getting worse.