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The crime is decreasing in the area. I live near a park that used to have a lot of parties and shootings, but after a big shooting there have not been any parties or shootings at the park.
It's quiet and a good atmosphere. However, I would not give it 5 stars because there are close crimes occuring every once in a while.
There is a big fear of hurricanes. It's annoying to constantly be in fear to run each summer.
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I like the culture, food, music, and spirit. Too, many things like crime, rent being high, and job outlook ruin it for me.
The food is the best thing about this town period.
Everything is bad here. I don't count on anyone for my safety,
Not good at all for native people. It's outsiders who hire outsiders not the natives.
Not really good. It's just foreign stores or people who don't live here who have businesses which doesn't benefit the people who her natives.