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I absolutely adore St. Anthony Park. The people are friendly, there are plenty of shops within walking distance, there's a plethora of dogs. It's a great place to live, whether starting out or establishing a family.
Saint Anthony Park is a pretty good neighborhood. the elementary school is good. There is a library and quality parks nearby. Good place to raise a family. Could use some more diversity.
Saint Anthony has been a delight to live in. Diverse neighbors, gentle commute, and pleasant atmosphere.
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I love how friendly our neighborhood is from our third Friday get together's, to picnics in the park. Also everyone watches out for each other which is really nice.
Not many officers which is calming. No crime around
This is a great area. You are close to everything.
Its not great but its not bad either. Most people here are pretty fit and could probably survive a zombie apocalypse.
weather is okay because though summers are way too hot and winters too cold, it never seriously injures or kills anyone unless we really weren't being careful.
housing it fine even if its a bit expensive and houses quickly sell, but that's only because its really safe here and there's a bunch of great schools near by. however there is a house that has been abandon for quite a while but that's either because its too old/broken or haunted.
most jobs here are waiting or teaching.
I guess it might not be as good a I say since it's all I know.
It tends to be very safe, although the U of M campus has had a very large number of robberies in the past year.
There is a very large stripvof all big name stores, but very small shops for almost amything are also very close and abundant.
The area is within commuting distance of both Metros which offer nearly infinite employment opportunities.