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Good neighborhood. Because it is in the center of Queens everything is close by. I also have to option of driving into Long Island for work without having to pay long island tax prices; schools are a 15 min drive away. There are also private schools so it doesnt become a big problem.
Wonderful quaint and quiet neighborhood in Queens. The area is changing and improving everyday. Homes are affordable and the nighbors are nice. Most people take pride in their little gardens and in their homes. Many young families are moving in which is a good sign. Transportation to the city and airports is great. All this area needs in a lovely cafe and I will never have to leave my zip code!
Saint Albans is more reserved than Brooklyn. There are very nice neighborhoods and I feel safe for the most part when I am alone.
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Not too noisy. Lots of bus transportation and food spots. There's also a neighborhood laundromat and lots of parking space. The schools are also very good.
The neighborhood is very quiet and peaceful and happy never any noise and there are nearby restaurants and corner stores which I like because I can just walk to get something to eat and there's also a family Dollar Wich means I can walk to get groceries also where I live the bus stop is right across the street. Overall this is a great neighborhood!
I love my neighborhood. It’s quiet and sometimes friendly. Only a few bad experiences such as people stealing packages off my doorstep. They have great schools, food options, accessibility, and affordable groceries.
saint albans is a safe place, clean and a family friendly community. There are people who always look out for each other care. There are bars, restaurant, big and small shops around. personally I don't regret living on the community because the people around saint albans are great.
Saint Albans is a place where everyone comes from different backgrounds and different race. Saint Albans has many opportunities for young people to do during summer break and many opportunities for the older people like bowling and casinos.One thing I would like to change about Saint Albans is the constant late buses and pot holes on the street.
I have lived in this neighborhood for almost 20 years, since the late 1990s. Although the neighborhood has never been "bad", I have seen it improve for the better, especially the last 5-7 years. It's gotten quieter and I have very nice neighbors all around that are friendly and community oriented. Initially there were some homes nearby that had undesirable families in them, but one by one, different families moved in those homes and those families have really been friendly and community oriented. It's a nice middle class neighborhood close to parks, stores and transportation.
I moved to st. Albans when I was 7 years old. I am now 21 years old. I live with my mother and my three brothers. This has been a great place to grow up. It's very residential. Grocery stores aren't far. And there's a lot of food place .
I have be living in saint albans for at least ten years and I enjoy my stay but truly love out of state more like florida or texas
I am currently living in this neighborhood and have been doing so for the last 2 years. I don’t believe this is the best neighborhood for a young child such as myself to grow in, but members of the community make it worth while. It may not be the safest neighborhood but you can make many good memories here.
My family and i moved to St Albans Queens when i was 4 years old and we have lived here since. Its a lower middle class predominately black neighborhood. Its full of large private houses and very family oriented . Altho like a lot of new york neighborhoods, it had a problem with crime in the 90s but things turned around in the 2000s and if you visit for the first time nowadays, you would never be able to tell such a calm neighborhood had its rough times. Since the area is very residential theres, more small businesses than larger ones and the little bit of bars/clubs available can draw rowdy crowds. The scenery seems to be changing as more large franchise businesses are moving in and more building with apartment units are being built.
It is a very quiet neighborhood. There is no gang activity and neighbors are very friendly. It is a comfortable neighborhood and the houses here are beautiful
Saint Albans is very much an upcoming town. Neighbors are friendly however some can be very sketchy. There is much improvement that needs to be implemented to make Saint Albans a great place to live. The houses are nice but the people can be very rough and rude.
It a nice neighborhood and convenience is great. Working -class dominated the area, so the houses in nicely build and remodeled.
Generally, the people are nice to each other. Occasionally, there are incidents where the police is called, but as long as you're a law abiding citizen you have nothing to worry about. There are stores near by everywhere within walking distance and plenty of buses pass through as well.
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Moving from Brooklyn I thought this was a very peaceful neighborhood. Very quiet, friendly neighbors. Very clean!!!
Mostly a middle class neighbourhood with many historical names that settled here, babe Ruth, james brown just to name a few. The St. Albans railroad station that took years to restore with easy access in to Penn station NY
St. Albans is a great community filled with diversity and friendly people. Workers in local stores are always kind and welcoming, and all the stores that are necessary are nearby. There is a bus stop nearby which is great for transportation to the city, and public schools/private schools in the area.