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Great places to eat and very friendly neighborhood all around. Mineos and Aielos are some of the top rated pizza places in the city and they are conveniently located right next to each other on Forbes Ave in Squirrel Hill South.
It's a beautiful and quiet area to live in. We are privileged to have deer walk about the front yards of my and my neighbors homes. Great place to live for all ages.
Squirrel hill is a welcoming, warm community with good schools and many family-friendly activities and festivals throughout the year.
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Squirrel hill is an adorable family friend neighborhood just outside of Pittsburgh city. The night life is quiet which makes it great for living. It is only a short commute to other towns with great nightlife scene. The neighborhood is safe. Everyone is friendly.
As a student living in a shared house for the summer due to an internship, I could not have had a better experience living in this part of Squirrel Hill. It is very well-connected to the rest of the city yet is very quiet and family-friendly.
I love this little community. The commute to Oakland is never more than 10 minutes via bus, and you have every necessity within walking distance; shops, grocery, specialty grocery, restaurants, and parks when we all need to reconvene with nature. The real estate is a little older, though there are some new apartment complexes scattered throughout. All of the houses have character, so walking the residential streets are always a beautiful sight.
I was here for the summer for an internship. Wonderful area, you feel safe walking through the neighborhood, beautiful houses and nice people.
I love this neighborhood because it's actually a community. It's a lovely place to live, although it is expensive, but not unaffordable. I can walk to work from my house, and I am a young woman and unafraid to walk around late at night by myself. I've had very little experience with sexual harassment since I moved here, and the people in the shops and on the streets are very friendly and willing to help in case of an emergency. This is a supportive community where you can feel safe and welcomed.
Overall a great place to live. Murray ave has everything you need with some incredible places to eat. The giant eagle and local grocer have a range of products and are both within walking distance from wherever you are in squirrel hill. The community consists of a lot of young people and a large Orthodox Jewish community.
Squirrel Hill is a nice family and college town, which I know sounds like an odd blend, but it works. There's plenty of local restaurants and shops on the strip of Murray Ave and Forbes. Would recommend making a trip during the day or weekend out here, and also check out Frick Park.
Squirrel Hill is a great place to live. It has a fantastic shoping district with all kinds of restaurants and boutique shops as well as a few chains and banks. There are many mail line and ethnic grocery stores. The population is diverse in both race, religion, as well as income level. It is a quick commute downtown, the universities, museums, zoo, and more.
Squirrel Hill South (including Greenfield) is a lovely residential alcove just below the heart of Squirrel Hill. The atmosphere is friendly, but you can keep to yourself if you'd like. The real estate and renting opportunities are fairly plentiful and the prices are unbelievably low for being so close the city and so many amenities. Several of Pittsburgh's best parks are less than 2 miles away. The view of Downtown is one of the best the city has to offer. Several homey bars offering quality beer have established themselves, as well as a few great coffee shops.
My family and I have been living in the neighborhood of Squirrel Hill, Pittsburgh (PA). It's wealthy, well-to do, and predominantly Jewish; and I have to admit, sometimes it's funny to hear people's reactions when I say I live here. But it's a really good neighborhood. More than that, it's home.
Squirrel Hill is a quiet neighborhood located in the east end of Pittsburgh. There are a variety of restaurants and shops for visitors to stop by. Bus service is excellent and transportation going to many parts of the city passes through. This neighborhood is a great place to go out for lunch, but there isn't much night life. It is a good place to take your family for a peaceful Saturday.
Squirrel Hill has a great combination of urban amenities with a good amount of space for home property. The area is close to downtown, with easy access to major bus lines and the highway. It's easy to walk to several parts of the city from this neighborhood, and while it's not the cheapest area, it still remains affordable for what you get.
urban, highly populated environment whose needs always change. services are slow to adapt.
The area is vibrant and diverse culturally. Properties are typically well maintained. Services are good for all age groups but local education could do better for the public school age children. Universities are stellar. Cultural activities are good and talent is abundant. Unfortunately the City is burdened with pension woes that will continue to strap the cashflow and opportunities to revitalize. There must be some change and compromise by those benefiting from the pension and those paying for it. Politicians on the local level appear to be somewhat motivated to lift the burden from the City. Its the ONLY major item holding us back!
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There are a ton of local shops and restaurants in this neighborhood. It's all mostly independently owned and this neighborhood also boasts two of the better pizza shops in the city.
Most of the houses are well-kept and affordable for middle-class individuals or families.
With the cheap living in Pittsburgh and technology on the rise, it's a great place for 20's something in the tech field to blossom.