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It’s pretty and has everything you need but it’s surrounded by some of the worst areas in the city, meaning within a 5 minute walk your in a war zone in almost all other directions except for north of N Sq hill. And who can afford 1/2 million dollar homes?
I lived here for three years before, and forgot how much I love Squirrel Hill. So much diversity, everything you need within walking distance. Right in the middle of the action and close to all the neighborhoods you would want to go.
This neighborhood is absolutely beautiful, with people so friendly, you’ll be waving hello to several of them walking down the street. Scenery is priceless, and there are many activities that are perfect to do with family. Wish I still lived here!
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Squirrel Hill North is a great place, with great restaurants and small shops within walking distance, as well as parks and schools. The neighborhood itself is very safe, and residents are friendly! One of my favorite things to do in the mornings is walk into "upstreet" Squirrel Hill and get a pastry or coffee from a local bakery.
There is good and bad in every city
There are many outdoor areas available for public or private use. Very safe and dog friendly.
There is a very nice gym available, many people just choose not to go because they do not care about their weight and believe themselves to be healthy.
There is really no crime in this area, only a little harmless vandalism sometimes.
Most of the houses around me are old mansions. They are beautiful.
It can frequently be too hot or too cold to be comfortable, but you just throw on a coat if you need to.
There are a lot of nice restaurants here though many are expensive. Cheap food can be found but it is not as good.
There are many opportunities for employment in my area and all pay well.
This store has many of the products that I need. It is also very easy to get to, just a short walk away.
There are a few parks and they're OK. It's a city so there's not much nature.
Pittsburgh does not take care of the roads, especially in winter.
I've never felt unsafe walking home from school, although there are occasional crime alerts on my campus
Pittsburgh is hot and humid in the summer, horribly cold in the winter, and rainy everywhere in between.
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The job market is relatively strong, although I'm a student and don't have time to get one.
Generally pretty good restaurants, it depends where you go but there are fancy places and more affordable ones as well.
Squirrel Hill has a nice variety of stores and is very conveniently close to where I live