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Spruce Hill is somewhere between "much, much better than average" and "the very best" in Philadelphia. A historic neighborhood of charming large Victorian homes - most subdivided into apartment units - and leafy shady streets. Some blocks are gorgeous. There are homes scattered around that have sold for over a million dollars. The jewel of the area is pretty Clark Park, where free movies, Shakespeare in the Park, and orchestra concerts by the take place. One of the safer places to live, but not the safest - burglaries and car thefts do happen. Diverse array of interesting and ethnic restaurants. The only downside is there are lot of grad students and interns here and therefore there are a lot of pizzerias and neighborhood bars - not a "family" feel to the area and parking very difficult.
It is a quaint neighborhood. In some areas it looks like the suburbs and has some very beautiful and clean houses and yards. There is a lot of greenery for a city, and it is a very child friendly area. A lot of security due to it's proximity to universities. Only issue stems from this neighborhoods closeness to the more crime ridden portions of West Philly. One must be careful at night, and sometimes even during the day in certain areas.
decent local facilities. not much of problems here.
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pollution is not much of problem here
Mostly inhabited by college/graduate students.
The food here is amazing! Honest Tom's Tacos is the best! I can't really speak to the bar scene though. I know of Tap House and Smokey Joes.
Every neighborhood in Philly has a strong sense of community.
Most people in the area are employed by the Universities.
There are a lot of nice local parks in the area and then there's Fairmount Park.
The restaurants in this area are absolutely amazing. Philly food is great. There are a lot of one-offs that have great stuff. There are many chain stores that I know of except for Fresh Grocer and a few other restaurants.
Cost of housing is kind of high but it's not horrible. Best areas are near the schools but those are also the more expensive areas.
Traffic in any city is bad during rush hour and Philly is no different. The city is very walkable, which is good because public transportation is not that great in my opinion. Trolleys and buses are decent but don't use the subway expecting it to be like a subway experience in NYC.
West Philly has a lot of good eateries. There's the obvious attraction of the universities but there are also nice parks in the area. Philadelphia has an even larger number of attractions, my favorite being the Art Museum. Old city is also a great tourist attraction and has a pretty fun nightlife.