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Living in Mexicantown is not as bad as many think. It is actually improving.
Many more mom and pop shops vs. big businesses
It's easy to find employment here if you know the people who live in this area and are sociable, but if you are looking for more technical jobs with higher wages it would be a tad more difficult.
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Detroit isn't the cleanest nor safest. Your cars are at risk if you don't have a garage and even if you do you run the risk of people spray painting over your nice white coat of paint. The lighting is terrible and may have to resort to your high beams and don't even get me started on the roads. Though very survivable it makes it pretty annoying for living.
Not the greatest for housing, but if you are a first time owner and plan to remodel a home, mainly for fun and not profit, then this is pretty good. Neighborhoods aren't always that safe but you can get alarms and such and be fine.
Everything would be perfect if it wasn't in Detroit to be honest. It is way too unsafe to take buses anywhere because you become an easy target for a mugging. Bike riders do have their own lanes, but they rarely use them not to mention not all drivers are that cautious. Driving is good on wider roads but there are many small streets and some people drive under the influence and cause them to commit hit and runs. Like I stated above everything would be smooth sailing if these things weren't in Detroit.
Alot of potholes and icy roads.
There are few jobs you have to work outside the area most of the time.
Theres are many unique and tasty restaurants.
Theres a lot of variety of stores.
Theres a high rate of crime and vandalism.
The peoe are really nice theres alot of diversity.
more and more people are abondonjng this area.
Too many abandoned houses and noone comes to tear them down.
Too many potholes and not many pedestrain safety.
Police and fire department take a long time to get to the scene.
They are renovating the parks.
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There is many drug use.
The events that go on are usually far away from where I live.
In my area the police and fire station are mostly on any scene that needs help. The public services is pretty good they have running bus every time.