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The Springfield neighborhood in Jacksonville, FL is a diverse area that is constantly growing. There is a steady flow of businesses moving into this neighborhood which is positive for this neighborhoods night life. This area has grown into a real community and they have so many events from Wine tastings to yoga. Springfield is the residential area of downtown Jax which allows for easy access to major events like Gastrofest, Foodtruck wars, and Art Walk. In this neighborhood you will find a mix of families, college student, and retirees. This neighborhood is also very pet friendly, cost efficient, and just an overall wonderful place to live.
Springfield is a up and coming neighborhood. It has a lot of potential to become a desired area to live in. The houses have a lot of character and most have been renovated and brought back to life but there are still some abandoned homes that can really become beautiful and make the area complete; along with the abandoned business buildings this neighborhood can really become something due to a lot of buildings being in close walking distance.
Job searching in this area is tough due tot he fact that there is a lack of businesses looking to hire students part time and hings of that nature.
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In my area there is only chain restaurants such as McDonalds, Krystals, and Burger King.
The local businesses in my area are all run-down and family owned. Around my immediate are of my home there is a lot of homeless activity and things of that nature. If more generic stores such as Walmart or Publix would come in a closer proximity of my home the neighborhood would take a change for the better.
It is what it is.
Our city could take more time to beautify what is considered their property.
I think it's so important to surround yourself with people who offer different backgrounds. Not only does my neighborhood offer that, but everyone is so friendly about their differences too.
It's up and coming so you can get an incredibly beautiful historic home for very affordable. I'm a first time home buyer and my house was built in 1903 :)
We have petty crimes now and then that get annoying.
I'm strictly referring to my neighborhood so if you get out and walk or ride your bike or run, it's perfect. But we don't have a gym in our neighborhood.
This isn't a "touristy" destination, but many people do come here for the sites. We offer historic home tours twice a year as well as several other events open to the public.
While my community has a sparse commercial district, it has more heart and soul than anywhere I have ever lived or visited. Springfield is an historic neighborhood so it is ideal for bike rides or dog walks. Gorgeous old homes, huge sweeping oak trees that shade entire streets, historic parks complete with an historic baseball field. And every neighbor is more like family. It's incredible.