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Springfield Gardens is a subtle area. It is filled with Caribbeans and Africans. There are a lot of activities that happens in Springfield Park and Brookville. The neighbors are polite and are interactive.
Springfield gardens is a clean, quiet environment. I literally live right next to an elementary school and I don't even hear the kids; if I don't go outside and see the kids then I won't even know there's a school next to me because it's so quiet
The area is fairly nice and so are most of the people. There are many places to get some quick food or items to make your own. More new houses are starting to be construed and the schools in the area are not bad.
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Springfield Gardens is very family oriented. There are a lot of opportunities for a family to prosper here. Everything is close, as there are various stores that you can go to and they aren't far from each other. I would like to see the public schools become funded better.
I have lived in the same house in Springfield Gardens for all of my life. I have experienced different things of these years such as many car crashes, neighbor hood destruction, and even a shooting. My neighborhood is filled with different types of people on every single block.
Ive been living in Springfield Gardens, Queens for 2 years now and there are lots of improvements needed. There are only fast food restaurants in the area but the food hung there are plenty of grocery stores nearby. The schools in the area aren't the best unless it's success academy. The police patrol the are regularly.
Better eating places more grocery stores bigger playgrounds. Kid friendly neighborhood with more lighting. Speed bumps for the neighborhood side streets to reduce the speeding. Keep the parks grass well trimmed with brighter lighting so it’s not scary and unsafe to walk thru.
I like the neighbors I have and the community I live in. I would like to see more speed humps because of the speeding cars in my neighborhood, children don't play outside because parents fear the worst. I like the travel time to my school and to the local stores. The mall is also nearby.
I love that the park in the area was remodeled, making it look so much better and family oriented. There isn't much I'd change about the area.
I would like more diversity when it comes to people, dining and entertainment. This neighborhood needs an upgrade. Also have better public schools, want to be assured that my children are having the best education.
There is good access to public buses. There are also many food options. It is not entirely safe but it is an okay neighborhood to live in.
Springfield gardens harbors a wide spectrum of people who cultures all infuse within this neighborhood. Everyone knows of almost everyone and residents of this neighborhood are kind to one another. The area is very convenient in terms of stores and accessibility to a wide range of necessities and accessories. All and all a very wonderful neighborhood.
living in Springfield gardens have been a bad and good experience. While caring for my 10 year old son I try to make the best of our living situation. My son doesn't play outside much because we have many sexual predators in the area. Leaving me as a parent to feel very uncomfortable. We have had a few home robberies in the past year. on the good side we have each other and family members that care and love us deeply. I would love to see some improvements in the area but I guess that comes with time. I will continue to work hard on pursuing a career that way I would be able to provide for my family and relocate to a much safer environment.
Springfield Gardens is a quiet neighborhood full of life. There are lot of different families, different activities and friendly neighbors. It's clean and very roomy.
The crimes in the neighborhood is not deadly but there has been situations in which someone would have threaten someone with a gun or a robbery but that is more to stores than homes. They happen rarely and police drives around the neighborhood as well which is great.
This area is my home and it is place you could settle down and have a family but also it is also a place in which children always play and people have access to multiple stores. Also there would be a neighborhood party every yar in which the neighborhood come together to eat and to catch up on life.
walking around the neighborhood i only realized there are two vacant properties, cost of housing seems reasonable
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many pets are around, the community has a lot of engagements in social events at local parks
There has been a few instances in the past but nothing harmful to the point where we are scared to live there. The police are very present and handle situations in an orderly fashion
the general atmosphere is very peaceful, neighbors are very helpful and caring. The local businesses are great, easy access to anywhere you plan to go