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Here in Newark,NJ there are multiple shootings that occur throughout the city. A lot of innocent people are injures and often times killed by stray bullets. I don't want to completely put the police down, but usually they most likely come minutes later after a crime has been committed, leaving plenty of time for the perpetrator to disappear from the crime scene. It is not very safe on the streets.
Living in Newark,NJ is honestly not very good. There are a LOT of crimes,mostly shootings that occur, often on a daily basis. It is not very safe for residents to live. Some people are afraid to walk the streets for fear that they may be the next innocent victim of a bullet. If I had a choice I would not choose to live here. I don't see this city getting any better in the future. I truly hope there are some positive changes that happen in Newark, however I will not be living here to find out. As I go off to college this year I will be going away from Newark, for good!
The community is fine , its quiet, its safe most of the time.
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The area I live in is pretty safe some times bad things happen but its not major.
It's an okay area, some times crime related things happen but the cops take care of it since they patrol the area that I live in.
Newark NJ is by far the worst area a person could possibly live in. There are people getting killed everyday, night and day. You do not even feel safe walking to the store because you have to worry about something happening to you.
The one thing that I can say is that there are lots of trees. There are a few decent looking parks around but none that are really walking distance. I can say that you will come across more apartment buildings than parks in Newark, for sure. A few grassy lands which aren't anything too spectacular but that are still there and noticeable.
There aren't many job opportunities available in this area; As far as long longevity career jobs are concerned. I'd doubt if someone could even acquire a part time job at a fast food joint and this from experience. You would be considered one of the lucky ones if you even received a phone call back for an interview from the job in which you applied.
Many robberies and shootings take place in this area. Although police officers are visible at times, that does not hinder the violence and other activities that occur. There are guys on street corners selling narcotics at all times of the day despite who may be witnessing them.. After a while you start to feel as if you cannot walk anywhere without having to look over your shoulder at all times.And for those who do walk the streets, they look as if they are up to something. Anything can happen in the city of Newark at anytime.. ANYTIME! At this point not even the police have authority. Having a squad car on each corner wouldn't even change the activities that take place. As each day passes it seems as if individual loses remorse for others which causes this reckless behavior to continue.
Sunny days are the best because it makes the neighborhood more alive and nice. People like to just sit on the porch and enjoy the weather. Cloudy and gloomy days are more depressing. Its safe to say that the neighborhood is connected with nature.
There are no jobs available in my area. Every year its the same excuse.. "were excepting applications". In other words, they aren't hiring.
There are a tons of restaurants and bars in my area. They're are never empty and there's always something going on. Good food with good vibes.
My area consist of home depot, walgreens, applebees, autozone and other eating places. Its pretty convenient and dont have to go out of reach to get something small.
It's quite affordable and okay to live in this area.
I have never had a bad experience but some neighbors close to me have and each time it scares me when I think about it.
You can get almost everything you need except you need a variety of things to choose from at which you need to go far.
Overall job outlook in this area is somewhat poor and most people here work in places far from home.