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D.C. has many advantages, past being the hotbed of U.S. politics, but does have its shortcomings.
It's a very wealthy area, which makes it difficult for non-wealthy people (such as students like myself at universities in the area) to live there, but it's a safe and pretty decent area to live. DC metro is bad - too expensive, not extensive enough, not easy to get places, takes a long time to get anywhere - but buses are pretty good.
The housing varies widely around the university. There are several apartment buildings nearby, but there are also nice neighborhoods with pleasant houses.
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Sometimes it's cold and very windy but very manageable as long as you have a good jacket and a good pair of gloves.
Chipotle and Cava are the only restaurants college students like myself can really afford in Tenleytown. You must venture outside of the community to get anything as healthy and as cheap.
You can find a high profile job or you can work at a food restaurant. There is no in-between.
You can find everything you need in this city. The only down side is that there is no malls so if you want to go clothes shopping you may have to travel around to do all your clothing shopping. Besides that other types of stores are very accessible. There are many boutiques scattered throughout the city. Also there is every type of food you could want and a lot of local restaurants.
There are always jobs in this area. However, just like any other city you have to take the initiative to go apply and get your resume out there.