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Spring Branch North Reviews

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it's a good place to live in, everything is close by you can even walk to the stores. The only thing that I really don't like is that there's alot of thiefs.
A very diverse neighborhood with many interesting places and people. Spring Branch is a great place to grow up, meet new people, be employed, and live in general. I'm glad that I can call Spring Branch my home.
I am and feel completely safe.
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Every one is easy going and nice to everyone and it's a safe place to live.
I feel safe in my neighborhood.
I grew up here and went to school right next door. I loved my neighbors.
Since I have been here, there have been a few home burglaries and few cars broken into, but I don't know of any other serious crime in this neighborhood.
My overall experience with this area has been positive. It's a quiet neighborhood with friendly people and little crime. I could have picked another neighborhood, but I'm not unhappy here.
The constables do a great job.
I like the neighborhood's trees.
This area is generally safety, there not much crime. Police are somewhat visible and can sometimes take long to respond.
The neighborhood is not the best, but it's not the worst either. An elementary, middle school and high school from sbisd are in close proximity. There's a lot of small grocery stores nearby that offer low prices. The neighbourhood is also close to Memorial City Mall that offers a great shopping experience as well as entertainment for families.
Sucks no security for residents
I wish my neighborhood was more secure.
Three deaths in my area so far in a mile range of my neighborhood
Its very unsafe and needs more patrol of police
There is rarely some criminal activity going around where I live. Neighborhood watches are in effect in the community where I live. In case there is some criminal activity, police will respond right away.
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It is an industrial area right between the galleria Houston and the energy corridor in west Houston, but the quality of living it is considered the best in town according to my opinion.
I live in Houston. It is great place to start a business. However, the weather is so hot.
I enjoy living in Spring Shadows. House & streets are kept clean. Everyone takes care of their own.