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I have lived in this area for over 12 years and have rarely had any problems. The neighbors are peaceful and you have everything you need near you. There are many restaurants around, a walmart nearby and if you are looking for an area with entertainment the marq'e is close by and perfect for that.
Living in the Spring Branch East area is a really good & safe neighborhood. New town houses are being built & few house/lands are being sold. Elderly people are moving out & new generations are coming in. SB East is located between 2 main expressways with lots of shopping centers near & entertainment centers. It's a really convenient area because crime is low, job opportunities are offered & the entertainment is so close by.
not much community events like other neighborhoods
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Crime has gone down over the past 3 years but it is still here.
This area used to be for elder people but as they have passed, younger couples and college student have moved here because it is a central location.
The area I live in is going through a transitioning phase. However, it is a positive transition.
It's a great place to stay they are making new town houses to move in, repairing the street and even improving our community. There's not much crime going around and is safe. People are very nice once you get to know them and hopefully people will move in once the houses are done
It is very nice, there is a comfortable atmosphere in the neighborhood. I would definitely choose to live in the same area if I could choose again.
The parks are great to hang with friends or family, but the maintenance could be improved.
There's many different houses available and they are all beautiful in their own way.
The public services are great. We have a lot of people that actually care about what the people are struggling with.
Houston weather is all over the place, but when we have sunny days, they're beautiful. Sometimes, I get happy that I live here.
There's not many good paces to go out to eat, but the ones we do have are great!
Many people aren't happy with the jobs they have, but they're glad they at least have one.
We have things we need around, we just don't have the best quality.
Never seen any crime around here
Kroger, Fiesta, 99 ranch, Hmart, walgreens. Lots of restaurant near by for food variety
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Town-home community with over 50 houses. Cramped to a certain extent.
This is a high traffic area, but there is a police station within 3 miles.
This area is a melting pot of cultures! There could be 10-15 different restaurants for a single cuisine within driving distance. I love it!