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I really enjoy living in this neighborhood. It is where i grew up where the world introduced me to. Being apart of this community I have seen it change over time. From seeing new streets being built, and the traffic that went along with it, to new businesses come and go like mambos, tostada regia, and valero. I have always felt a sense of security and pride living there. There are many fun and exciting things I enjoy doing weather that's going to the park with my mom and dad, practice driving in empty parking lots, or enjoying a day of shopping at memorial city mall. The area really has grown and improved and because of that its become a well developed area for fun and living.
Spring Branch is an up and coming neighborhood. I moved here with the hope it will become one of the top neighborhoods to live in. Taxes are high, but schools are supposed to be good. I don't have any children so can't comment on that. There is not a big night life, but I have seen a couple bars and restaurants open up.
Since I was born in this neighborhood I have experienced its changes along the years. Most of the buildings that were located in this area are not there anymore. Living in the Tomball area, I would really like to move back to the remodeled Spring Branch area as an independent adult.
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Very convenient to downtown, memorial, katy, freeways/beltway to get around the city. Nice, quiet, family oriented neighborhoods. Very safe feeling.
Although there is no crime in my neighborhood, there has been a lot of stealing and shooting in apartments just 5-10 minutes away from my home.
Love it that there is no crime in the neighborhood.
Beyond the odd Fish Fry at the local catholic church and HOA meetings, there aren't many community events.
People walk at all hours in the area. Kids play outside and in the park. Overall it's far better than some of the older subdivisions or gated communities. Not worried about being home with the front door unlocked.
The neighborhood is quiet, not much gun fire for the city. Crime is low, houses are nice, and yards are for the most part kept nicely. Kids can pl;ay in the park at the center of the subdivision with no problems. Very little mischief going on. Neighbors wave as they walk or drive by. Very pleasant area.
The youth getting involved in not so positive things
I could see better streets and more help to college students
i would most likely live here all over again. its a great community, everyone is friendly as ever.
Lots of parks and police.
No crime that you hear of. Police sirens do not go off.
A lot of dog walkers.
Parks are kept up and a lot of foot traffic.
It's just humid, everything else is fine.
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This area is the best for quick bites.
You can easily find a job here.
There's a lot of small businesses.