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That this is a central location to commute, there is afforable housing in the area and lots of business in the area. The schools are close and good, There is lots of diversity in the neigbhorhood. I dont feel it is the safest area, there is a lot of crime, and lot of prostitution around, and homeless
They only thing I would like to have changed about Spenard is the sidewalks. They need to be improved, widened and added. Other than that, Spenard is the best. It always has something interesting happening on it.
I love being so close to so many restaurants, boutiques, especially bearstooth. I would like to see the crime rate go down dramatically. I don't exactly feel safe walking around alone.
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Number 1 on worst crime in the US
the jobs are good, the people are great and its beautiful
it snows for 6 to 8 months out of the year
i would not come back here if it was in my hands
we are in Alaska the outdoors of the USA
the Alaska club is near by but the service is horrible
the municipality needs to take better care of the side streets
there is this restaurant that i love is called Fiore de Italia and its amazing
Our police response is a little slow
there needs to be more upkeep for the streets and side walks
There aren't very many events
There are many tourism jobs
Its a quiet town, not much to do for the younger demographic