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Torrance is a very quiet neighborhood. Not to many reports of crime that would grab your attention.
Torrance is a nice, feel good area for those who are middle class and want to enjoy nice California weather, as well as the beach.
The area is pretty safe and it has its moments of crime but the schools are becoming more safe and the police are always around.
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Torrance is a great city and place to live. The weather is almost always nice and sunny. There's plenty to do and the beach is a main attraction.
Not much crime that I've noticed. Everything is easy going and safe minus the possible coyote sightings recently, but even then I know the police are figuring out ways so they do not attack children or dogs.
Glad my family moved here. If I didn't want a completely fresh start after college I would move my family here, but otherwise my goal is to live somewhere else but to have the same type of feel my city has. Definitely love the four years I have lived here compared to the 14 in another neighboring city.
I'd love to keep living here for the rest of my life.
This area is nice to raise kids and stay safe. However, it is not the best area and the school district is in need of financial help.
All commercial and private gyms available. Yoga and pilates studios around every corner. People very active in this area. Several great hospitals close by and many top quality hospitals/medical centers in the area. I stay active with pilates, yoga and dance. Walking and biking, walking the dog.
Safe area to live. Occansional petty crimes for the most part. Police very visible.
There is affluent housing in the area with multi-million dollar homes and lower priced homes toward the big city area. Best place to live is by the beach. Expensive area to live compared to the rest of the nation. Low prevalence of vacant properties.
Weather from the 50's-60's in the winter to mid 70's-90's in the summer. Totally wonderful ocean breezes. Can be outdoors everyday. It has been a while since last big earthquake. a light jacket at night is a great piece to have in the area.
California healthy food is the main choice, but many ethnic restaurants. The beach area offers a lot of night life.
Large companies close by mostly in Engineering. Also, film production. Job outlook is fair, may need to be flexible with opportunities.
There is everything from mom/pop private shops along a beach community. Also, a large Mall both offering indoor and outdoor shopping. The weather is the best, cool ocean breezes even on a sunny day. You can get everything you need in this area.
I live in a very suburban area so the land and houses are big.
I live in a super safe area. I have never feared my safety.
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Los Angeles and Orange County don't necessarily have the best nature scene.
Southern California is simply the best. There is no better weather.
I'm a big food junkie so I know where the best food is, no need for Yelp! The restaurants around are so great and friendly. The food is even more delicious.