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Torrance is large, so some places are safer than others. I do not feel safe going too far out at night alone, but that might be true for any city. My street itself is safe, and so are most of the residential areas. Shopping malls attracts the most crime, and I believe there are some home burglaries. Coyotes are common right now, so do not leave animals unattended outside.
Great public schools, shopping centers, and weather. Relatively safe, still a concern but I personally haven't had any major issues. Overall not very exciting, but it is close to beaches and many LA and OC attractions.
love the area, too many chain restaurants have moved in but beautiful parks and roads. All the schools are great and people are nice
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I do not think the area is a bad place to live. Considering about the location and the convenience, it is excellent. The only concern is the cost. Because the housing cost is very expensive, I am worried if I could buy a house when I become independent.
The area needs more green. Although there are some public gardening, but it is not enough. The parks and gardens has the most nature but not better in other places.
In this area, there are not many transportation options. I rarely use the bus because I heard from my peers that taking the bus from this area is not safe. I hope our public transportation improves the quality. On the other hand, walkability is great and I have access to anywhere convenient. Lastly, there is a serious traffic concerns. Because some stores are right across from the houses, the traffic is heavy and I feel bad for the people who live near the road.
The weather always stays between 50-80 degrees, and there's always an ocean breeze. It's awesome to live here.
There are great modes of transportation here, and we have a nice busing availability as well.
There are a lot of gyms here, from 24 fitness to the YMCA, and if you prefer to exercise outside, the air quality is awesome and we have the beach as well. There are many active people, and we have several major hospitals close by, from UCLA's health center to Little Company of Mary.
Torrance is known to be really safe, and of all the years I've been here, I haven't heard of any extreme crime.
Because of the recent economic downfall, there have been some issues with employment, but it's not too bad and is getting better.
People are generally happy to be here, and they are very friendly once you get to know them.
There isn't much to do here for tourists besides going to the beach. When tourists do come though, we have a huge selection of hotels and motels, and the people here are generally welcoming.
We're really close to the beach, which is absolutely gorgeous. Depending on where you go and what time you go, there's usually many places where there's not many people, so it's almost like a private beach just for you! The cliffs are also great places to hike, along with the meadows beside them. Families will also enjoy the tide pools nearby. The quality of all of these public places are amazing, and we really do appreciate that.
There are many fire stations and police stations all over the place, and I always see new road construction and public services going on.
There aren't many events that I've attended or known much about, but I know that if you dig deep enough, there are plenty. People are generally pretty welcoming and there are many families that love to live here.
Depending on which part of Torrance one goes, there can be quite a difference in the housing. Overall though, I would say that the housing is pretty nice and well kept.
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It's a nice place to be in because of the fabulous weather and the awesome proximity to the beach. There are a lot of hiking spots not far from here and there are also plenty of supermarkets/restaurants as well. For those looking for locally sourced ingredients and restaurants, there's also a farmers' market and local restaurants.
There are a lot of options for everyone to enjoy, not only for food but also for other activities. However, for specific types of ethnic foods or specialty items, people may have to go out to Gardena or Los Angeles. If one's just looking for a general item or food, Torrance is a nice place to be.