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Besides the guy who tried to rob a bank, there's not a ton of safety concerns.
Everyone is fun and friendly. Everyone helps everyone else out, from bringing food over when there has been problems to helping shovel sidewalks.
I think this area is a good place to raise a family. There are many schools close by and the area is very safe; you don't have to worry about crime in this area. There are lots of things to do; it is very centrally located towards everything else.
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No more boring weekends when in Des Moines!
I'm not much of a drinker but I love going out to eat and I've never been disappointed trying new places around my area.
I've never had an issue finding a job.
I have yet to have any issues with any local business.
The side of town that I live on has a "reputation" of being the "good side" of town. The houses are medium sized and larger. The yards are most of the time well maintained.
There is a fire station that is about 10 miles from another, reaction time is quick. Local laws are most of the time enforced.
People live in this particularly live here for a fairly long time. An elderly couple that lives across the street has been living there for 25 years, another couple about 20. We have recently moved to this area and lived here for about four years. Pets are widely accepted in the area. There is a lot of dog walking on nice days in the spring and fall and almost all the time during the summer.
I feel safe in my area of town, but on other sides, there have been recent shootings and burglaries that have taken place. On the news, I notice one major crime about once a week. I see a police officer everyday at school for a resource and safety, but outside of school, I see at least one other officer while I am out driving.
During the winter we get heavy amounts of snow each year. When spring comes, the snow melts, starting some flooding. We tend to have spells of heavy rain and drought in the summer. The rain causes flooding at some point in time during the summer. We also have an occasional tornado in a neighboring town.
I am 18 and cannot drink but the restaurants in the area are great. The side of town I live on is mainly Italian oriented, therefore we have a fair share of Italian Family restaurants and Big Name Italian restaurants. Each of which has their own special twist.
I am an 18 year old still in High School. I personally have not have much work experience in my life but the people around me seem to enjoy what they do. In walking range of my home, there are a lot of fast food restaurants, gas stations and grocery stores. In my social group, a majority of them work at the grocery stores.
Very nice environment to life and employment is very easy. There are plenty of jobs and the city is growing, so more jobs are being created.
They are very decent. There isn't very big businesses that I know, but most local businesses are running well.