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The neighbors are nice and friendly and everyone looks out for each other
You have a great sense of community!!!
Not a lot of activity on my street its dull.
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The food and drink in this area is mostly fast food. Affordable, fast, and low quality food. There are a few ma-and-pa restaurants but they look run down and unappealing.
There are a lot of convenient stores and fast food restaurants. A few mechanic shops... But not a lot of what most people would consider to make a career out of. The majority of possible employment opportunities in the area would be considered a "Highschool Job" or "College Job". Pretty much, a job to get by.
The local businesses in this area are what you would expect in a lower middle class neighborhood. You can get everything you need within a 1-2 mile radius. The stores are not run down but they are not as nice as some of the stores on other sides of town. Instead of a lot of 3-4 start restaurants to chose from, there are a lot of fast food businesses. There is a variety of stores, just not as new and kept up as they could be.
Kansas is very plain. There's not much to do outdoor nor indoor. They really need to fix this if they want more tourists.
My area had some theft, domestic violence, and neighbors with health problems. Every now and then we have police, ambulance, and fire trucks in my area.
They are adding more fire stations, but not much else. Police stations are near by but their response time is pretty slow if an emergency.
It's Kansas! We have it all except hurricanes. Our weather is bipolar and unpredictable.
In my area, it's mainly fast food restaurant, bar, and retail jobs.
It's mainly just fast food. Restaurants are more on the west or east side of town. Downtown bars are ok. Nightlife scene is the same every weekend.
Well, I like my neighborhood. Everything is conveniently surrounding my home. Walmart, Neighborhood Walmart, Dillon's, Walgreens, QuikTrip, and fast food restaurants. It's nice that everything is not too far away from me.