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Southwest has a wide range of fun and exciting activities all ages can participate in. From children stories at the library to a fun playdate near the playground. Southwest waterfront is the place to go.
I have lived in Southwest area of DC for the past 2 yrs. The area is great for young thriving adults.
The area is improving. The waterfront is a fun place to hang out with many interesting restaurants and businesses, however; allowing cars to drive into the Wharf was a bad idea, they should set up a parking area and either shuttle people, or let them walk for a block or two. The city should also plan better for the parking problems that residents are facing with the new developments.
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where i live the crime is very rare but dangerous.
The area I live in is okay, it's quiet and everyone is just doing their own thing. I would wish everyone was more friendly to each other and have more neighborhood activities.
I feel I should not have to pay taxes state or federal. We are told often DC is not a state. D.C. Also has not vote on the floor when laws are passed. I give away my hard earn money because?
There's plenty of football leagues for boys but nothing for little girls except girl scouts. No softball, volleyball, dance, unless you put your child in private or charter schools. The local recreational centers lack the structure and funding. If you can't afford to spend upwards of $400 a month and travel to Georgetown ( where we aren't really welcome), your options are limited.
The metro rail is doing constant track work which can make a 15 minute commute take up to a hour ??
They have began to transform this city into a mini New York and I hate it.
One of the main problems in this area is people move here from all over and have a better chance at finding a job or starting a career. The actual Washingtonian( someone born and raised here is seen as less qualified because of the educational system here in the District. Washington D.C. Over the last decade and a half has had people migrate here and with the current population there simple is not enough of an opportunity for everyone. If you don't have at least a bachelors degree you can expect to make between $10- $15 an hour. Which is not enough, considering a decent apartment in a good neighborhood is going to cost at the minimum $1200 a month. With required income of $33- 35,000 for a One bedroom.