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I have not heard, seen, or experiences any crimes in my area. I have no concerns.
I love the area that I live in. It is peaceful and calm. Everything I need is close by so I don't have to worry about driving long distances for work, entertainment, or shopping.
If only there were more restaurants and entertainment
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The price of housing and utilities are cheap. The houses are a bit older, but they are well maintained. There is no vandalism or graffiti, and there are no abandoned properties.
Local public services in this area are great! We have a fast-acting and attentive police and fire department. Our state representatives are a different story, however. Our governor keeps cutting school funding, which means the quality of our youth's education will decline.
I've always felt safe in my neighborhood. It's typically quiet, and the neighbors are friendly. The crime rate is low, and on the rare occasion a crime is reported in this area it is a non-violent offense.
The climate in Kansas varies between extremes. We get humid summers, and harsh winters. Spring here is known as tornado season, and it is always best to be prepared during this time of the year. The weather here can be unpredictable, so it's always best to have an outfit for all four seasons readily available!
Although I don't live in an affluent neighborhood, most of my neighbors make a decent living. I live near an large aviation company that pays well. Job opportunities are out here for those who are willing to look.
The nightlife in my neighborhood is nonexistent, and there are only fast food restaurants here. If my family and I want to eat at a high quality restaurant, we must drive to northeast or northwest Wichita.
There aren't a great variety of stores in my area; however, the few we have are of good quality. We have a family-owned Mexican produce store which provides what we need when one of the big-name stores doesn't.