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My community does not have enough resources in my opinion to make the neighborhood a more safe and enjoyable place to live. I would like to move myself and my family out of this neighborhood because of the drugs and violence that surrounds us. I would like to see more activities other than the park and library up the street. It keeps children out of trouble but there should be more programs available.
Not sure of my local government.
Not much pollution if any, upkeep of local parks is superior. Not much wildlife unless out of the county.
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There is help to those who seek it but a majority do not and as a result it weighs down on the community.
A lot of construction going on in the metropolitan area but further out a lot vacant buildings as well as homes.
Safe in downtown areas and university city, not as much in other parts of the city.
Has a variety of weather from hot summer days to cold winter nights, best of both worlds.
There are a lot of restaurants and of different variations.
Since it is Philadelphia, there is always an opportunity to find work as there are a lot of retail chains especially for those who want to work part-time in a fast food chain or in a clothing store. There are a lot of stores in the downtown area as well as the surrounding areas.
It has the products that you are looking for, but the quality of customer service is very poor. There always seems to be an issue when I am a customer, a lot of loitering and the owners of these stores do not mind.
The business comes from the chinese stores and corner stores .
Nothing but fast food , chinese stores and corner stores.
It isn't the best but it isn't the worst.
It is very hard for a high school graduate to find work in this area. I have to look for work outside of Philadelphia to even be consider for a job.