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Though houses are very close together, they are adorable and well-kept. I love the older feel the houses of old town send to those passing by. There are some brick homes and some with different-colored doors to off set the overall look of the house. The yards are typically well-kept with an occasional garden (there is a community garden nearby too). I love walking around Old Town to view the beautiful homes.
I feel safe on a regular basis. I walk often as well. There are a few apartment complexes in the surrounding area that occasionally have police presence. I cannot however, speak about the nature of their presence.
Like mentioned before, most people are friendly. There is something a bit "stuffy" about others in this area, especially in DC. Some people can be standoffish and pretentious. However, specifically in Old Town, I see a sense of "community." There are often festivals, parades, and fundraisers that most participate in. When it comes to fundraising through walks/run/5Ks, etc., the community shines. I am also a member of the fitness "community" in the area and I adore Old Town Sport & Health gyms. I also teach Zumba there from time to time and love working there as well.
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In Old Town, flooding can be a problem. If and when we receive a large amount of rain, the tiny streets can flood close to the water. I also despise cold weather and it gets very cold in the winter. We have had several snow storms. The tiny streets of Old Town do not get cleared right away (Washington Parkway is cleared pretty soon however) and so commuting to work is a big problem. I have worked from home and also taken leave before due to the severe road conditions. I keep a thick winter coat on hand from December to end of March (sometimes April). Snow boots are a must!
If I were to answer specifically for DC, I may have scored this section with a higher rating. However, in Old Town Alexandria, there are many places to eat and enjoy nightlife. When I first moved here though, I was frustrated with how early places closed. One friend was visiting from out of town. We tried to eat around 10 pm (after I picked her up from the airport) and almost everything was closed. Columbia Firehouse was open but the food is sub par and "bar food." I do love the Basin Street Lounge for blues music and a great selection of whiskey. Close to Old Town is a neighborhood called Del Ray. My favorite restaurant there is Del Ray Pizzeria (the shrimp and grits are incredible). I love the Chicken Tikka Masala at Bombay Curray company in this neighborhood as well. I also must mention that I lived in Texas prior and studied in Mexico years ago. I love Mexican food and I struggle to find decent Mexican in the area. I have enjoyed Oyamel (in DC) but still do not get the satisfaction I once had eating in taquerias in Texas.
I work in education in DC. As a bilingual educator, I would say the job outlook for the area in which I live is fantastic. There are many families who speak Spanish (and other languages) and multicultural education settings are popping up throughout Northern VA and DC. Many of the people with which I interact have jobs they would consider great as well. There are many government jobs, other educational positions, and medical jobs available throughout the area. There is also a strong military presence in Alexandria and the surrounding areas.
I live in a wonderful area when it comes to shopping. I can walk to a local CVS when needed as well as my salon (Selin Hair Studio). In addition, I walk to both Safeway and Balducci's for groceries. Also within walking distance are the Gap outlet, Anthropologie, H&M, and Loft. There are several boutiques in the area like Gossypia and Bellacara. There truly is something for everyone.