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The cost of living in Lakeland is very moderate and the housing is desirable.
People live in Polk County their entire lives. We also get a strong snow bird presence in the winter.
Lakeland is a very safe place to live. Our Sheriff is very tough on crime and is a no nonsense kind of man.
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Florida is hot and humid, but those who live here love it. Warm and sunny all year, it makes up for those afternoon showers. Hurricane season isn't a big concern in Central Florida, but we will have the occasions strong storm.
There are a lot of really great privately owned restaurants here that offer an array of unique dining options. Downtown does have a small bar scene but there isn't much of a night life in Lakeland. However, Lakeland has been expanding their beer options with the opening of two breweries in the last year.
Lakeland has a wide range of employment and one of the strongest companies is Publix. Publix supermarket has their headquarters here in Lakeland and they offer wonderful opportunities to their employees. Many retail and restaurant jobs are available here as well as multiple opportunities to open your own business.
Lakeland has a great balance of chains as well as privately owned businesses. One area in which the smaller business get to shine is our vast array of markets. Our downtown market features all sorts of local vendors and this has grown into multiple markets around Lakeland. Even our Dixieland area has grown into a thriving street with the ever so popular, Fat Maggies restaurant, a new coffee house, and health studio.
It's okay on some days and some with allot of aggression on the road.
Allot of beautiful parks and lakes to take the family to and spend the whole day there. Always maintained and open to the public.