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Southwest Hills Reviews

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Very little crimes, except there seems to have been an increase in car break-ins recently.
Close to great schools, friendly neighbors, & quiet
I love the food in Portland! There are so many amazing places to eat I never know which place I should choose next.
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There are a large variety of job opportunities in the area.
The local businesses in this area are really great. I haven't had any problems with them.
There are no attractions in this area and the only time that neighbors talk is if they happen to be outside at the same time. Even then the conversations are very short.
Most people are very healthy and exercise frequently but the drug and alcohol usage is a little high but not super bad.
Bus service is hard to come by and requires a 15 minute walk. There are no sidewalks and lots of potholes. The roads are narrow so cars have to be careful and they do not always drive slowly making it dangerous for pedestrians.
The housing is very nice but the roads are terrible and barely fit a car. There are very few yards but the houses look decent without them.