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There are some good walking paths near my apartment.
There is a lot of crime in St. Louis.
Lots of snow and cold in the winter. I don't like tornadoes.
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I don't go clubbing. There are some good restaurants .
I plan on moving to CA so I don't know much about job opportunity here.
I like some of the coffee shops.
Many walkable independent restaurants; we have not visited a chain restaurant in about 9 years! They tend to be very community-based, and after going a few times, you are recognized, and they learn your name. It's almost like your own "Cheers"---where everyone knows your name. In that way, it functions as a small town, but yet this area is large enough that you don't feel like you're boxed in.

Near here is the Hill, which is "Old Italy". Lots of expensive, very mediocre restaurants that have no windows. Go to South Grand where there is multitude of ethnic restaurants.
Many independent stores/restaurants. We rarely visit a chain or anything. The grocery store is known throughout MO, but they are independently owned. Many coffee shops to walk to. Tower Grove Park has food trucks, farmer's market, etc.
I am just starting to see "help wanted" signs in shop windows. However, the market for healthcare hiring is low. Most of the job openings are for minimum wage service jobs.