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I've lived in Sw Detroit also known as Mexican town my whole life, I love the community and diversity of that part of Detroit. People who live here are proud and are from all nationalities and the culture is rich, and it shows.
A diverse melting pot of wonderful people that outweigh the would like more focus on our meigjborhoods instead of just downtown.
I would like to see more local business's in this area. There is a chance for growth and a good work force base.
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Despite the initial assumption that Detroit is a rundown city. It's actually a great place to live, and its downtown area has been slowly regaining prominence over the last few years. Detroit has the potential to become a thriving metropolis again. I was born and grew up in Southwest Detroit. Given the close proximity to downtown, and living in Southwest allows me to get a first-hand account of Detroit's resurgence. One example of Detroit's resurgence is Belle Isle. When I was a kid Belle Isle was littered with trash, and occupied by people who took advantage of the freedom to come to Belle Isle without a fee. Now, that you pay admission there is no trash or rowdy crowds. Another example of Detroit's resurgence is downtown. Less than a decade ago downtown was a ghost town lacking stores, nightlife or crowds. But, today downtown is full of stores and people, creating a great night. Detroit has struggles, but the city is making a comeback and the future looks pretty good.
gang related crimes, police are needed to patrol the area more often, there is lots of graffiti and stolen cars being found and the police come around to late
Well for now since I stay basically to myself the area if ok, but there is gang related crimes in the area a lot of vandalism in certain area
There are no attractions in my neighborhood, unless you came to Detroit to see downtown, I strongly believe it has no strong take in attraction.
The houses get broken into daily and abandoned houses take up space for someone else that could be living there. The abandoned houses give Detroit a horrible reputation.
I personally think my neighborhood is boring and would not live here my whole life. It's so dull that I would much rather be in a different area.
The stores have a good amount of what they sell in them. I can go to numerous stores by my house and find one that has what I am searching for
The amount of traffic due to high speed drivers and violence is very alarming. Traffic is a major issue because people do not stop at stop signs or crash into other cars.
The outdoors in my neighborhood have lots of garbage and makes our city look worse each day.