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Great place to live, close to the beach. Job opportunities could be better. Schools are great. Commuting back in forth to work is easy.
specifically in costa mesa, I have had 1 homeless person enter my house and burglar running away from the cops who jumped into my backyard. I I have had my car vandalized as well as a lot of my neighbors cars crashed overnight. when calling the cops they aren't very helpful at all. police are always visible but never there t the right time. there is a lot of homeless shelters very close to parks and schools which make it very unsafe for the neighborhood
I love the fact that it is safe compared to other places, I don't have to worry about walking alone at night. also the fact that we are so industrialized and have everything around us! we have shopping malls, freeways, grocery stores, apartments, restaurants, hotels, etc. unfortunately this causes a lot of pollution and traffic in this area. as a person who loves the outdoors this is a major set back. but then again we have deserts, mountains, lakes, beaches, and rivers so close that it is easy to get away from all of it. the diversity in people is also something I really love about my area. it is definitely a place a would choose to live in if I could do it all over.
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police judge most people by the way they look so its not to easy for alot of people to get away with things or get harrassed at the same time, even if youre not doing anything
its hard for alot of people to get through life when they have to work more than just enjoy it
it is a nice small town that no one really knows about.
If I were to rate the safety in this area it would be 8 or 8.5, it's better than other cities in California. The prevalence a of crime are mild and random you don't expect it as much as other cities. You actually get the confort of knowing police man are considerate and visible everyday and 24/7. The only concern in this city would be that our streets are being polluted by drugs and leaving a lot of people homeless.
This is a safe area. you can find your niche in the neighborhood, for example, if you have kids or you like to surf or you want to be around college students. the schools are great, exquisite teachers! the weather is always amazing.
It's okay. The are isn't too bad, but it isn't stellar either
I would live here again for the sole purpose in which it is a tranquil area
There is a fire station less than a mile away from my apartment and the police station is about 5-10 miles away as well. At the time you call they arrive in about 5-10 minutes so the service is pretty well and they are helpful and friendly, you really can't complain.
Since I moved in our neighbors have already been living here for the past five to ten years before us. This is where they grew up; with knowing that we knew they were pretty decent people, always being helpful and on top of events in which to participate.
Where I live crime isn't an issue, my neighborhood is pretty calm as for the city there it is hardly heard of any huge crime going on. When a crime is occurred you will have support from reinforcement.
I live about 10 minutes away by car from the beach, it's always sunny and the occasional rainy day which is pretty odd. Other than that our winters, falls are pretty much in the low 60's to probably 72 degrees.
The variety of restaurants and the nightlife here are such great assets for the weekend or just a nightly stroll; for couples, family and even if you want to go out alone.
Local businesses are on the rise but getting hired seems more difficult when the immense paperwork you must fill out.
The local doughnut shop has the best doughnuts in town, much better than a corporate chain of shops. Although it is small, the service is always great even when it is busy - which is every day it seems.
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I personally don't work yet, but there seems to be a growing employment rate in this area.
If I am unable to find a particular item at one store then there is literally another store 1 minute away. Just the variety of stores and the proximity of it all is very convenient.