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There have been a few vandalisms in the area including graffiti and a car running through front fences. A few cops live in the neighborhood and are keeping an eye out most of the time.
It's a nice area and there are a lot of children in the neighborhood which is nice for families. A new high school was just built and they're working on other schools. Some crime occurs in the area and there are several sexual predators but you'll get little flyers saying when they move into the area. A shopping center and several fast food places are right down the road in walking distance. Overall, it's nice for a starter home and raising children.
This area is actually pretty good. cost of housing is affordable ranging from about 110,000 to 130,000. utilities are somewhat high and I would say its somewhere in the middle when looking at best/worst place to live.
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Police are visible and crime is somewhat low in our immediate area. I really have no major concerns
Our immediate community has turned over quite frequently over the past 10 years. Many foreclosures, but the more recent homeowners appear to want to be here for the long haul.
Weather is very unpredictable. You can get sun, clouds, rain, and possibly snow all in one day
In the downtown area there is a wide variety of restaurants, bars, and night life options.
Overall job opportunities are very good. Opportunities are growing very quickly. Many new opportunities presents themselves regularly. There is a wide variety of jobs from entry level to upper management.
Local business (Easton Mall) is great for shopping all the most popular stores with prices ranging from affordable to extravagant. Also has activities like comedy shop, movie theatre, and game rooms.
There are a lot of fast food places.
I have applied to many places but don't get any calls to hire.
We have an average amount of businesses that you would need to get items that you would need.
Could have more options of jobs to have in the area.
the transportation in this area is ok, needs to be more safe though for people to be able to walk in parks and things like that.
You can find almost anything you are looking for here.
There are large sections of minority groups calling Columbus home.
If you like the busy city atmosphere then Columbus I'd a fun place to live.
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Some neighbors have gotten their homes broken into and things stolen but I have not.