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We bought a home here in February, 2018. So far we really like it. The area is growing like the rest of Boise area and beyond. The traffic is getting worse because of the growth. Like anything there will be growing pains. I am thankful to be here. My neighbors are wonderful too! We are not to far from many amenities, so we don't feel like we are missing out on anything living in Southwest Ada County. Happy and thankful to have the privilege to live here.
The crime and safety in this area is very low. Little or no things happen on a daily basis.
Boise, Idaho is a great place to live. Most of the people here are friendly and there is tons of stuff to do. I would choose to live here again because you get a good city feel without the big city. Boise is one of the highest ranking places in my book, but I don't see a good future. To many houses are being built and more important things are being replaced.
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The police are very visible on a regular basis. Comforting to see them on the roads.
Not typically a big fan of HOA's but this neighborhood HOA actually takes care of the houses, yards, streets, etc... Very easy to deal with. The pool that is in the community is a huge plus and the HOA has really good rules/guidelines so the pool is not over ran with alcohol and unruly kids.
There have only been a few incidents where there were police involved in problems.
Having lived in the same house for 16 years, we have really gotten to know the neighbors. We also live in an area that is close to Merdian, downtown and central Boise.
Never been scared here, crime is rare.
It's very peaceful with nice people. Not great job opportunities, but I've never had trouble finding a job. We continue growing and developing, but still pretty much a small town.
Police are nearby in case of emergency however there is no crime at all here. People in the neighborhood watch out for each other. The neighborhood and surrounding neighborhoods are very safe.
The Neighborhood is very friendly with lots of families in the area. There is an Elementary school and Daycare located nearby. Biker friendly. Large surrounding areas that are great for walking.
We didn't have much problems with the house besides water under the basement. The prices are pretty good too.
The people in the neighborhood don't really talk that much but the community life as a whole is much better.
It is a safe place to live, not much happens over here.
It's a great part of town and the schools are really close to the house.
New neighborhood, only been around since 2005 but good area, big backyards, not close to any major restaurants but close to school and a gym
I think my area has a pretty strong sense of community. Most people are pretty friendly.
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Area appears to be safe - low crime rate. City police and county sheriff very visible. No real concerns.
Overall quality of life is really good. Weather has seasons, but they are very moderate. Housing is accessible and generally of high quality with lots of options within reasonable commute of employers. Area is safe - low crime rate. Great access to all kinds of outdoor activities. Sportsman's paradise. Area is getting more retail venues (restaurants, shopping, etc.). Employment opportunities (particularly high paying opportunities) is biggest shortcoming. Transportation planning is also a weakness - not keeping up with growth in the area. Area has great potential - I would live here again.
There doesn't seem to be that much crime in the area. It is generally safe to walk around and there is a police presence that is noticable.