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There is some crime but police are on it right away.
Make sure you keep the doors locked and valuables hidden.
I love being close to campus and downtown but with all the other college students around, it get's really loud at nights.
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I really like living here in St. Cloud
It's a decent area. There is a fair amount to do around here. It can get a little noisy sometimes though. I think this area needs to add a few new attractions to keep people around, otherwise I think most people will probably move.
I like St. Cloud but dont know if Ill stay around here past college
I guess the public services are great in this area.
The safety is perfect here.
I can say that the doctors are great here.
It is not expensive and most properties are clean.
The weather here it is awesome and not many storms.
I will say everything is good in this area restaurants are great, bars and nightlife too.
i feel everything is good here i enjoy for really.
When the weather is nice, there are a lot of people outside being active and finding things to do. When its cold, there are a lot of winter activities you can do as well.
I live on campus so I really can't say much about the housing outside off campus. It's pretty decent for college living but some places are worse than others.
For the most part I feel very safe at home and walking places around campus. There are areas that at worse than other and as a young girl, I won't typically walk anywhere by myself.
The winters are really bad, very cold for a huge portion of the year, but the summers make up for it.
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I am personally underage so I can't speak to much about the nightlife, but it's a college town so there are a lot of bars and places to eat and drink.
I personally haven't had any issues finding employment since I moved to Saint Cloud. It's a good sized city with a lot of businesses, which means a lot of available positions.
The city of Saint Cloud has a great sense of community. The residents of the city are happy to help support local business and choose to eat at local businesses like Val's rather than maybe McDonald's.