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Southside Estates Reviews

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A lot of homeless people are around this area.
Lots of beaches, but everything is very spread out.
the people are friendly. there is a sense of community centered around schools, sports, and religion.
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there is a lot of land on which the city covers, making destinations often far from each other; howver, this allows for more room on the roads.
most businesses owned by large companies and locally owned stores are somewhat rare.
depending on the area of town, the types f crime and severity of crime varies. in my immediate area, traffic violations and drugs and domestic violence are probably the most common source of crime.
the job market in this area has stayed basically the same for a few years now. with a lot of construction and expansion of mainly residential areas and highways, work in construction and contracting is probably the most common job. part time jobs are also very common with the many restaurants and malls in the area.
The crime is horrible. Sometimes i'm scared to even walk out of my house, especially at night. I don't feel safe at all, crime is all around. Police are hidden or never around.
The local business's are okay but everything looks run down and scary from the outside.
The employment in this area is okay, it could be better but at least people aren't struggling for jobs.