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Maybe due to the high concentration of people in this area, but crime is very high pretty much wherever you go in this area. Some more dangerous and violent than others, lots of theft, and general harassment.
There is a diverse community and living close to the Berkeley campus offers a unique experience for anyone who is in the area.
A beautiful city with plenty of college kids and amazing restaurants. Often feel unsafe walking around the city.
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This is a bustling college town, with lots of college students always engaging in various activities. Even for those who are not college students, there is a large variety of activities and tons of food options all within close proximity.
As a young adult, I'm attracted to hustle and bustle
There's a reason why California is known for its beautiful weather, and it certainly doesn't dissapoint
There are a decent amount of people who are conscious of what they eat and they exercise as well.
Some of the houses are pretty unique, but housing in general in a city is not the most spacious.
There are some parts of the neighborhood girls do not want to walk alone at night.
Although some of the stores seem a bit un-authentic, most of them are hiring.
Everyone is very diverse and brings something different to the table.
It's next to UC Berkeley so prospective students and their families from all over the world might visit the campus to see what it is like.
It's a convenient location. It's close to Trader Joes, Safeway, Berkeley Bowl, Walgreens, CVS, the BART station, etc.
Most people actually commute from the area to a nearby town or city to work.
Typical college town with a large homeless population.
As stated previously, lots of variety. Most are pretty good. Some are meh.
Berkeley being Berkeley, there are not a whole lot of large corporate chains around. So there is definitely a bunch of small, local, unique and interesting stores spread throughout.
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I love all the local business, they offer a lot to the community and love to engage with the student population.
Considering the large amounts of students its very competitive.