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Southern San Ramon Reviews

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Southern San Ramon is a fantastic suburban community for families, professionals, and seniors. It has golf courses, swimming facilities, many beautiful recreation parks, adjacent business parks, a newly renovated public library, hiking trails, shopping, and good restaurants.
There is very little crime in this area, and is quite honestly the safest place I know of.
This area is a great place to raise a family as the safety and schools are outstanding.
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Police visibility and responsiveness is fantastic, helping provide a heightened sense of security and reliability. There is not a high crime rate and no homeless in the area. Minimal graffiti or vandalism, and when it does occur is dealt with swiftly.
This area is incredibly safe and is great for families looking to settle down. With the opening of a new downtown in the upcoming future, there will be considerable growth to both business and social outreach. I would live here again, and believe the city ranks among the top ten percent when it comes to comfort of living.
Crime is minimal. Police are constantly visible. No real concerns at this time.
I love this area, but rent and home prices are ridiculously high, making it impossible to live here on one income.
stable but getting worse with BART train opening.
Great for families, but not much to do.
The quality of the houses are above average compared to some of the houses in other communities.
There are community events at some locations around my area, but I don't take the initiative to go out and participate in these events. As for the community around me, I don't venture out to go to my neighbor's front door to introduce myself and get friendly with them. If I were to do so, since this community is generally accepting, I probably would be able to do so.
In this neighborhood, there is very little serious crimes such as bank robberies, shootings, etc.
I would definitely choose to live here again because I feel safe here as compared to other cities such as Oakland etc. The people here are generally kind and the community in general is pretty friendly. The area looks pleasing and the schools are above average.
The view out my back window is incredible. Neighborhoods are quiet and friendly. There's a big business park in the center of town with 40,000 employees, but the residential areas are not impacted by it at all. It's like being in a suburb of our own city.
everyone exercises to keep up a self image
Always clean, safe, and hardly used
neighbors will report anything suspicious
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Bad drought and earthquakes are often
Basically no dance clubs but a lot of bars
Hire without experience and typically nice