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Moving to Washington from Texas, I feel there is more crime in this state. Not a lot of people feel safe to be outside, or let their children run free. I am very conscious of everything I do.
I personally love where I live. There is always something fun to do, great places to eat, and explore. It does have a good deal of crime. Sadly that is everywhere though.
In time've lived here, I have not seen many reports of crime.
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I really like, because I have many opportunities to grow and beat me as a person. I want to help low-income people to come forward like me. Where I live is very quiet, people see no fussing or arguing.
While the neighborhood used to be cute and sweet, the crime has gone up significantly. There are shootings daily, and sometimes multiple times daily. There are homeless people, and those strung out on drugs all over the streets. When the poilice are called, it usually takes a long time for them to show up. I am leaving the area, due to how unsafe I feel.
There were some fireworks issues in the area and there were a couple of shots heard every once in a while but the police were patrolling enough that you could feel relatively safe and there was good communication with our liaison officer
It was a pretty good neighborhood, there were a few incidents in the surrounding area but it never seriously impacted our street.
If you are not from that area then you would question, it but if your from that area than you would know were to go and where you want to stay away from.
I have lived there most of my life, so I really don't have anything to compare it to.
Housing is available, but quality not the greatest.
Not really involved in community.
I see police in the area often.
I had to move here with my mom and little brother from a better neighborhood. I really don' like it.
Although my area isn't the best, it is still my home and it is where I grew up. I am proud of where I come from. And although there are many things that could be fixed, I believe that if we work together, we can get things improved.
I have a lot of home for very little money compared to what I have seen in the market
The police and rescue are great, they are "Johhny on the spot."

However, the public transportation could use an major upgrade. It is expensive for the low-income that rely on it. $2 for one way, or $5 a day. That is a lot of money when you do not have much to go around. Plus it takes three times as long to get anywhere.

The traffic and highway system is a mess. It never fails, the freeway is a parking lot too much of the time. It is a rarity to find a courteous driver to let you merge onto the highway. But, at least it is not as bad as it is in Seattle, approximately an hour north.

Despite the challenges, I do enjoy living in Tacoma, Wa. Within an hour, I can be in the beautiful evergreen mountains, the beach, or the many activities this area offers. There are numerous 'On a tankful' activities for couples and family.

The housing prices are on the rise, but beware of the taxes. They can rise faster tha expected. If you are handicapped or a senior citizen and meet the income requirements, you can have your house taxes 'Frozen' which makes it easier to stay in your home.
I see more families moving in and out of this area, as long as my family's still here.
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The area has had its up and downs but the city as a community has been steadily improving , from academics to community members gathering together to change things for the better. I am proud to live in this community. There are great community movements happening around town that have really improved the lives of these neighborhoods and made them exceptionally safer and more friendly.
not that honest with paper work and makeing thing up on local that are not true and prevent them from there education
Tacoma seems to be getting worse and worse over the last few years. I've lived in Tacoma since birth in 1985. Very little has gotten better in this city since then. People seem unhappy when the walk down the street. In contrast cities like Olymipa they have more social programs, housing oppertunities regardless of low income ect. As well as their residences appear to have found a certain bit of their own true happyness that Tacoma residence seems to not yet be able to attain.