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My experiences with southeastern San Diego is average. Although the neighborhood is known for its negative things, it has changed over the years. Somethings I would like to see change, are the schools and opportunities upgrading, as well as more funding.
Southeast San Diego has a strong and diverse community. The public schools have teachers and staff that understand the struggles that many of their students may face and are able to provide their students with the support and knowledge they need to be successful.
We moved to East San Diego in the late 70's. In El Cajon the town people had a welcome wagon. a policy of rent control where your rent was set and only new renters could be charged more that what you started paying. The folks looked after one another and it was not a money trip but an American lifestyle where ones future was set and only you could change it to the better for you already had the best. The weather is fine electric about $30.00 a month (no committee members sucking into the cash flows) Water clear and one could not build unless they could justify where the extra water and resourses were coming from.
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Police are always passing by, but we always hear of people getting mugged
Problematic neighbors, but overall it is an okay neighborhood
We don't have a lot of burglaries. We watch out for one another.
There isn't a lot of improvement. This is one of the oldest neighborhoods in SanDiego. While the majority seems to be minorities, we don't see a lot of gang activity. It's pretty quite for the most part.
When driving by my neighborhood you will notice many of our walls vandalized with tags from certain gangs. Therefore it is obvious the gang activity here is more than the middle-class neighborhoods. I used to be neighbors with a boy who got shot at our local park because he was involved with gangs. However if you are aware of your surroundings and smart of enough to be safe then you will have a better chance of being fine. I would not recommend walking alone at night. But the crime in this neighborhood has taught me the street smarts they don't teach you at school.
I've moved in and out of the neighborhood a few times but I have spent most of my time here. It isn't as bad as most people outside the neighborhood would think it is. However I do know that their education isn't the same as those outside of a low-income neighborhood. Luckily where I live gave me the opportunity to take the school bus to a "better school". Living here taught me how to appreciate the same things in life and my family. I don't regret spending most of my childhood here.

Many might say I have a disadvantage just by growing up here. I think that every neighborhood has it's perks and flaws.
Safety area. Best area for family.
Nice area. Kids play safely in the streets. Everyone get along with each other.
There has been not to many altercations, from personal experience I have only called the cops once because I live across from a park and skateboard park, and the boys started to fight. Other then that it has been no issues. My grandmother told me how back in her day the area was home to gang violence but as time went on they move out and relocate. The area is a safe haven now, daily soccer tournaments are held almost every day during summer so there's always something going on.
There is not as much crime as there use to be in the area. There is a problem with graffiti.
I wouldn't want to live in the area again.
The crime rate is droping. which is good.
Is an okay place to live. It can get rough at time but that normal.
i like to live in this area i have been living here for a long time. it is great for the whether and for childreb. i woud recommend it to people
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I see that the police are involved but I do wish to see less crime activity.
I would prefer to stay in this living area if gangs and violence were kept better under control.
There's a shooting about once a week and you will always hear of someone getting murdered or beat up.