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Every city has dangerous areas. They are shifting into different parts of the city but public safety seems to do a good job keeping it at bay. Overall, you have a mix of nice cops and arrogant cops.
Its a small big city, second largest in the state. It has a lot of cool niches popping up especially nearing the downtown area. A lot to be explored.
A lot of gangs, gang violence, young children getting shot
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This is a generally good area however if there were more places to explore in the downtown area. A traveler wouldn't know where to stop other than downtown to see some good restaurants, find recreational activities, or explore the sights because everything is scattered throughout.
I do not see much improvement overall.
well the apartments are okay, nut the frastructure is horrible
they offer good jobs to those who prove themselves
they have the best businesses around
There is a lot of variety from popular to mom-and-pop shops and there's so many things to choose from.
It could be better with hearing back after applying to jobs but there is availability.