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I believe we have a responsible and reasonable police force in torrance, I also believe that the police men and women are genuinely concerned about our well being and are out to protect us rather than harass for no reason. The police in my encounters have been fair and also responsible on the job. As far as crime I do have a concern for a few break ins that have occurred in the day time because not many people are home because they are out at work, but overall I feel like my neighborhood looks out for one another as well and reports any suspicious behavior.
I love living here, it has a great atmosphere where I feel safe, I believe the local school system is great and continues to get better, there are lots of good places to eat around the area and the neighbor hood is very close driving distance to the mall, which I like. I believe that I may one day come back here to raise a family.
The best areas to reside are the areas somewhat farther away from the schools, but that's mostly because the school bells go off every hour and it disturbs some residents. Besides that, this is the perfect place for anyone to live.
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People don't leave from this neighborhood. Everyone is very accepting and caring of each other.
Every once in a while something bad happens, but this neighborhood is very safe in general.
The Torrance neighborhood is the best city, giving everyone a "hometown" feeling.
This is a great place to live in but it is a really quiet area, places tend to close by 10 or 11. It is pretty close to DTLA though so if you like nightlife then that shouldn't be a problem.
It used to be better but recently large global companies are taking their headquarters out of the South Bay. Unfortunately, many people in this area depend on these companies and are a vital piece of the local economy. The medical field here is and has been very good for the area. Many people here work for automotive, aerospace and city governments.