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There are always cops around but there's also always killings and crimes committed...with no suspects.
The city of Wilmington is number one in the country... for highest crime rate. There are not many productive and fun things to do for teens like myself, and those that don't have a good influence usually end up just hanging around in the streets of Wilmington. Regardless of the kind of people you surround yourself with, you will hear about someone's friend or family member being shot or killed. On top of this, our city police can't seem to solve hardly any of the pending homicide cases which one, deprives people of their constitutional rights, and, two leads to more crime and killing. I honestly think that if something does not change that by the year 2020 the city might be isolated and neglected. People are terrified. For themselves, for their children, for the future, and so am I.
The area is not so much family or post friendly, due to the fact that there are several main roads that make it difficult to allow children outside and still have peace of mind. If one goes to any of the 2 local parks then, yes, one could say that there is pet/family friendly areas. Also, the community is sensitive to the neighbor's problem. As an example: the community came together one day and decorated a street corner green space in memory of a deceaced member of the community and it was great to see everyone come together and help one family feel better about their loss.
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This area has a fire station and local police station. Public transportation runs through each stop every 15 to 30 minutes. Public services are a good asset to this area.
Even though this area is near the water, we do not experience natural disaster often. The worse it had gotten over the past few years it's been 10-15 inches of snow in the worse days of winter. Otherwise, the weather is nice.
There are not walking distance places to have dinner, or drinks, or have a good time safely. Unfortunately, those of us who want to have a good time at a good place have to often travel 10 to 20 minutes into another zip code.
The employment in this area is poor. The job overview does not show that any business ate growing and based on the living conditions of most people I strongly doubt that most people in this area are receiving much more than minimal wage at their jobs.

One of the job opportunities that I see in this area is a primary school placed in the middle is the neighborhood. If someone was interested in teaching or was interested in any job that involved serving children, that person could potepotentially be happy living in this area.
For the sake for an accurate rating I'm considering as "local" those business within walking distance ( less than 1 mile away).

I've selected "it's bad" because all of the 3 businesses I can think of do not have a business parking and those that do, the parking is unsafe and very small. Also, all 3 business are not visually appealing. Trash can be seen in the outside and inside of the locations, 2 of the 3 have a pugnan smell, the regular customers of all 3 shops are disrespectful towards others and you can very easily find poor quality product with high prices.