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Cost of living in Bon Air is pretty high, but I think worth the investment--it's generally safer and cleaner and it has less traffic than the rest of the city. The houses near the river are expensive, but the area is beautiful and even without a house right on the river access is pretty easy.
There's no real formal community where I live, but the people in the neighborhood are really sweet and we wave and stop and chat and lend each other things pretty regularly.
Crime is pretty bad. Don't watch the news. We're not on the most dangerous cities list, but there is a significant crime rate, especially as you get closer to the fan and some of the lower income areas--just as anywhere else in the world. It's not a huge deal overall, but the schools are not safe and that's what scares me the most.
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A local company sells shirts that read "Richmond Virginia, a pretty o.k. place" and that is the truth. The river is beautiful (though a bit polluted) and the trees and parks are the city's best asset. The public elementary schools are nice and there are good gifted and talented programs, but after that they schools are terrifying--which I think is what caused all the private schools to take root here. There are tons of options in that area. There are also several colleges in town. Crime is pretty bad, but Bon Air is a relatively affluent area and there aren't too many issues. Jobs are not enormously difficult to find and there are lots of big employers within a 45 minute drive (Ehem. Amazon.). It's an okay place to live. It's an okay place to raise kids. It's a pretty okay place all around.