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Police sirens are common in the early morning. During the weekends and holidays police patrol the area very often.
There's a lot of crime in this area. If I had the choice I would not move into this area. Although crime isn't as bad as other cities, it is normal to hear police sirens in the middle of the night.
Overall safety is okay, it could be better
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I see cop cars around my area all the time. I have never witnessed any major crime.
I think for the most part there are no natural disasters. Occasionally there are a few rainstorms and a few earthquakes. If there were to be a natural disaster in this area not too many would be prepared because everyone use to the nice weather we have.
I really do enjoy the variety of food in my area. There is always something new to try. The food drinks are one of my favorite things about living Long Beach.
I don't always see advertisement for jobs in my area, but I am sure that if I were to look online I could find find a few jobs that I am qualified for. In the past I have been able to apply and at least receive a phone call or email from the place I applied to.
I'm not sure if the people in the area or if it is the actual business that make the service okay. I know what good customer service because I work somewhere five star customer service is required. The businesses in my area meet my needs, but not too many places go above & beyond to make me feel like I am a valued customer.
The weather is the main attraction. There is also the pike/Rainbow Harbor pier which has lots of resturants, shopping, movie theatre, rides, and the beach.
Public transportation is good. Parking is bad, and sparse.
Not many fit people. Hospitals are good.
Missing more cleaning services. Okay police response time.
Not a closer community. No events.
Most people work at stores and food restaurants. The pay is not what people expect yet they still continue to work.
The weather is great in this area. All we have to worry about is occasional flooding during the heavy rain.
I am able to access everything I need within the proximity of my house, however I would like to see more mom and pop shops.
The reaction time of police force is not reliant.
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Pine Ave and Shoreline are great places for food and also drinks. Nice variety.
Not many crimes, more domestic disputes, tagging. Doesn't feel safe need more street lights.
It can be better. It looks dirty and cheap.