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There has thankfully been no crimes in the 19, almost 20 years I have lived in the area. As well as cops being very responsive and alert.
I love this area. I've lived at my address all of my life, and love the area. It is very quiet and nice, and a safe area. I am located near several towns (ex: Newington, Wethersfield, West Hartford, etc.)
Its good but at the same time it's not the best area to be in because the education is not that great. The environment as far as cleanliness is not that good either. People are not that nice.
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It was my parents choose to move to this area. This area of our current resisdence is better than where we use to live. We live in a house now instead of a roach/rat infested apartment and drive bys. I have learned that nothing is perfect and we should appreciate what we have instead of things we can not attain at the moment. There are always pros and cons to every situation you just have to take the good with the bad until you can get out of the situation you are in. That's why i work so hard in college to make sure that I get out and my future children have a better life. But when i get out i won't forget where i came from i will give my to my city.
theres noting to do in Connecticut period.
I do not not have a job and currently lookin for one. I can not find a job near me that. Most jobs that are avialble are in diffrent towns
the only grocery stores near are very poor and sometime have food and drink already opened in the store.
I love my current home.
I don't deal with local politics.
Most people are over weight.
Weather is a kind of bipolar. One second it's 50 and with in a few hours it can go up to 80.
Only one night club with in 5 miles.
The is a variety of different cuisines, since there are different cultures around here.
There are places that hire, but most of the jobs are in the downtown area. I happen to live outside of the downtown area.
The businesses are okay, but I do live in a poorer neighborhood. Th people that work in the businesses are okay, but the location is bad.
A lot of police are visible, but they do take take quite sometime to get to the area they are called to. There are a bit of crimes taking place but that happens everywhere you go
It is a bit hard to find a job because of economy and now everyone is looking for a job. There are a bit more jobs opening as more businesses are opening
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The amount of grocery stores around the area is good. In case of an emergency during the middle of the night there are two pharmacies down the street that we can just do so.