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South Tacoma has a strong culture and community. Neighbors are friendly, great food, and interesting places.
Excellent community, diversity, and involvement. The only downside is creating a little more community events and addressing crime more effectively.
I like the arts and music community around here, it provides lots of creative opportunities. Not a very safe town school and family wise, it's got a lot of crime and drug problems.
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It is very calm, in a comfortable location. Loud highway nearby otherwise not bad. Nearby to many businesses, highway, and nature.
We are in between the downtown and the more local side of town, and our view of the city by the Tacoma Dome is beautiful. We are able to walk down the street to grocery store, restraunts, ect. But still able to go down the street to downtown with restraunts, college, businesses, main bus station, ect.
I've lived here for most of my life. Over these years I've had a lot of experience being not only in this area, but in the surrounding areas. South Tacoma is probably one of the better ones, I think. We have little crime, and we have great housing locations. You aren't ever very far from a local school or grocery store. And yet, the area is just big enough that it doesn't feel like a small town at all. It's a perfect little space.
Lived in this neighborhood for almost 7 years. Neighbors are great! A lot of young families moving in and retirees as well. Quiet, yet close to everything! Highly recomend!
The low rents are great. The dishonesty of some people is a downer. For example, in one set of apartments, the people wait for you to leave home to steal and it is maintenance that is doing the stealing. The apartments require everyone to have insurance. Tenants discovered it is because they want to come in and steal.
Less Drugs and crime. More activities. More people being involved in the community like volunteering to get to know neighbors and taking care of the kids.
My experience in Tacoma WA has been an active and delightful one. Tacoma offers many opportunities for professional jobs, organic fresh produce and many activities for single people and families. To the south, you have Mt St Helen’s to the north, you have the Puget Sound and Canada, to the east, you have the Pacific Ocean, and to the west, you have the Cascade Mountains. Although this sounds vague, there are tons of national parks, seafood restaurants/markets, tourist attractions, the city of Seattle, Colleges Professional employment and events and activities for both adults and children to enjoy. Because it is an awesome state to reside in, the only ploy I can think of is the traffic. It usually take about 30 min to get anywhere despite how close you are to the place you are trying. Other than that, WA Tacoma is the place to be.
Everything you would want is near by. Shopping,parks,dining is all readily available. The people are quite friendly and the heighborhoods are pretty well kept.
South Tacoma has a lot of middle to low income families. It is a great area for a starter home but there is a little more crime in this area than I would like to live their long term.
I have lived in Tacoma for a couple years. Its a dangerous neighborhood, but has a good family community.
I love living here. I grew up in Federal Way WA and back then Tacoma wasn't a place to be. If you had to go to Tacoma, you went did what you needed to do and left asap. Now Tacoma has been cleaned up and I also work in Tacoma. I'd recommend Tacoma to anyone.
its a good place to live. Close to the city
Crimes do not happen all the time, but if there is a crime that has to do with a car, the police do not tend to do much and don't even come, which is frustrating. They could be better and care a little more.
I recently experienced a break in and someone broke my car window and stole any belongings they could fine. Other than crimes like this, the area is okay.
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The cost of living in this area is alright, a little bit cheaper than other places but not by much. There are other places that offer more square footage for a townhouse or apartment for cheaper as well as utilities. The property management for the townhouse I'm living in isn't very good with its customers. Pet deposits are through the roof and they expect a separate pet deposit for each pet in addition to ridiculous restrictions about what and how big the pet can be
People generally keep to themselves but for no negative reasons. It's a peaceful and quiet area.
I've had no problems whatsoever with theft or vandalism and, for being in the city, I don't hear police sirens as often as I had expected.