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Never had a problem, don't hear or see any issues.
Some of my neighbors are friendly, some choose not to interact.
My neighborhood is constantly improving, and my neighbors care about maintaining their residences and gardens.
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We had an issue and scandal and our governor--John Kitzhaber was replaced by a woman who was next in charge, and not an elected official. If I had to elect a governor, it most likely wouldn't be her.
Well known for it's rain, as a result Portland Oregon has some of the most gorgeous and green summers around.
Lots of local and somewhat average ethnic restaurants, bookended by hipster, artisanal places.
Portland as a whole is a small job market full of very educated people working two or three jobs below their skill level in order to make a living. I came from California, work in advertising and the film industry and the pay rates here are much lower and fewer opportunities.
Our neighborhood has many ethnic markets--an Asian grocery store on the corner, and a Mexican grocery store about 7 blocks away. Also in the neighborhood is a great paint store, liquor store, an Asian seafood market and a decent art store. Safeway is only 15 blocks--a nice bike ride--away, as is Trader Joe's, a Walgreens and a Starbucks. There are some average restaurants--a Philly cheesesteak joint, a local coffee shop, a Thai restaurant, sushi place and Chinese restaurant--all in walking distance.
There is a nice variety of food and drink in this area. You can easily find local and organic options.
Portland has an excellent community of local businesses.
Most people I know work for small businesses, local restaurants, food carts, or in the general service industry. Nike, Adidas, and Portland General Electric and a few of the major businesses to work for here.