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South Side Slopes Reviews

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I like the slopes because it’s in very close distance to everything in Pittsburgh and affordable compared to other neighborhoods here. I also like it because of some of the breathtaking views from the slopes of the city of Pittsburgh. I don’t like how run down some of the houses are and the landscaping everywhere could use some help. There’s a lot of garbage. Not a fan of the parking either it’s very tight. I do like the walking distance to Carson street though it’s nice for people who like to go out at night, or just for dinner! Overall the neighborhood is average.
A good place for a first home
There are some unsafe areas but overall an okay area
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The slopes is a great area for young college students or professionals just starting out in their careers. The rent rates are reasonable with the convenience of the Southside flats nearby. Some areas of the slopes are not great safety wise but overall I feel safe living there.