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I have lived in this area since junior year of college and love it. It's not too far from a movie theatre, great food, and multiple bars with great music. There is a little of everything in this area to party or even enjoy a quiet social evening with friends. Its nicely divided like that, to enjoy both sides.

On the other hand, parking in the area can be pretty rough. Especially as you get down closer to the south side bars on East Carson Street. I have lived here for a while now so I would prefer walking my way around if I am meeting people there. It is quite a walk, to be honest, it may be too much for most people, but I am used to getting my way around that way.
Young community with bountiful businesses. Wide variety of things to do. Nightlife is great. There are a lot of restaraunts.
I am currently of the South Side Slopes and have been living in that area for the past 3 years. Having lived in two other parts of the city, I found a great spot to start my life in the slopes. I bought a house and couldnt be happier. My street is clean, noise is minimal (sans the weekend soirees), and the police and fire department is within walking distance.
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I like the atmosphere and that it's great for college students and young professionals. There are other families and older couples here, which makes for a great mix in the community, with people always solidly there, along with the college students that make things a little lively.
This area of Pittsburgh is namely where people, including of age college students, go to enjoy football, baseball, and hockey games that are broadcast on TV. There is also a number of times that live music and DJs are playing in this area, which brings a variety of people. In the end, it is an enjoyable time for people who want to unwind and have a good time with friends.
Luckily, have not needed to call the police over the last 3+ years. Have heard response times aren't great but don't have first-hand experience. Fire department (right on 18th) responded almost immediately.
Always easy to find something good to eat or some place to hang. Good area to walk around, nice trail along the river
As in any city, crime is going to happen and Pittsburgh is no exception to that. However, the crime here is rare and not as dangerous as in other cities, like Philadelphia. All the streets are well lit, police are always present and I have personally never felt unsafe walking around Pittsburgh at night (I am a 100lb, 5 foot female)
Pittsburgh is an awesome city that is often underrated. It's an extremely young city, with many colleges and schools in the immediate area. You can always find things to do whether it be doing outdoor activities in the parks, checking out the bar and restaurant scene, attending one of the many Pittsburgh sporting events, or exploring the city and appreciating all the art and culture it has to offer. If I could do it all over again, I would absolutely live here again. I rank this city an 8/10 compared to all the other big cities like NYC, Chicago, Los Angeles, etc.
I would say the crime here is no better or worse than any other area of comparable size and culture.
Pittsburgh has a very blue collar, hardworking, genuine culture about it and it is the perfect size for someone looking for the best of all worlds of a moderate sized city that has plenty of lush parks and outdoor spaces as well as colleges and universities. The healthcare industry is thriving here and many people enjoy life on the three rivers. I definitely appreciate the size and amenities Pittsburgh has to offer after having lived in very rural areas of Vermont and the major metropolis, Chicago. Pittsburgh is the perfect balance.
A lot of young adults. This is where students from Duquesne usually live after their second year on campus. It is a great place for a young adult to live. Most people are in and out after their lease ends or only for a couple of years (generally during college). There are lots of places to go on carson st. and you will not get bored living here.
My car has been broken into 2 times and my house has also been broken into. I am always hearing about peoples houses and cars getting broken into. Keep your house/car locked! Also, there are always a lot of drunk shananegins going on so that does not help the crime scene. I don't like to walk on the backstreets alone at night. A couple of my friends have gotten jumped, but nothing fatal.
The South Side is great if you are a college student or recent graduate. Very college-y atmosphere, but if that is what you are looking for then it is a dream come true. Living here for 2 years during my time in school and it was bliss. After graduating and living in the southside for another year, I am eady for a new (less college) scene.

Something great about the SS is that it has everything you could ever need within walking distance, very convienent. I am happy it was the first neighborhood I lived in when I moved to Pittsburgh.
Houses are rapidly being updated. Right now you can find anything for any budget.
A ton of nice and outgoing people.
It's one of those things where you hear about it, but you don't know what to believe. Police have been great when I've needed them for random things or have run into them from my experience however.
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I'm a college student. For college students, the Southside is the spot to be. tons of college students, great night life, and a hub of activity. This causes problems with older residents however.
I'm a cyclist and find the cars that drive around the Southside quite a road hazard. I also find the streets and sidewalks themselves of very poor quality.
Some people are party-animals. They drink, binge eat, and don't exercise. There are a lot of trails, parks, and gyms. So a lot of the people around here use the resources to better their health.