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One of those places that is unassuming from the outside , but is a place to enjoy the open space, the charming architecture and feel the history of the place. The place has elegance and Grace, but you also notice how some parts feel old. Like the older carpet, the older looking windows and doors.
I think that south shore is a very decent nebighood very adventurous. Always seeing something new you never know what to expect but if i could change something it would have to be the violence that happens in the community. LOVE SHOULD BE LOVE . And we should all be safe . No one should be fearful in this community
There are some rough blocks in this neighborhood, but all crime in the area is isolated. Beautiful homes, blocks from the lake and friendly neighbors. This is a predominately Black neighborhood but t is becoming gentrified. My only major complaint is the lack of grocery stores.
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I like the fact that South Shore is changing for the better. A lot of abandoned buildings are being renovated and will soon increase property values in the area. I would like to see more lighting on 79th past Yates. Once they get the bad elements out of the area it will be the South Shore of the past with respected, working class families.
I've lived here for about 3 years now and honestly can't complain. It's quiet the majority of the time and has an amazing school available.
South Shore was at one time a vibrant active neighborhood with every convenience-large and small neighborhood grocers, eat-in restaurants, retail shops, banks, and movie theaters. This lakefront neighborhood is still beautiful with some of the best examples of Chicago architecture that any neighborhood could offer. The apartments here are classic and spacious, and the homes range anywhere from the classic Chicago bungalow to greystones, and American four squares, all the way to ornate Queen Anne's listed as Chicago Landmarks. Current residents are already witnessing a resurgence, Obama Library or not. Young families and professionals are showing a greater interest in the area and are returning. What we need now is a grocer and more vigilant law enforcement. The rest will follow...
Great neighborhood, close to schools, Park's,golf, and the lake front. The neighborhood is up and coming. I'm minutes away from downtown.
South Shore is a diverse neighborhood in my opinion. There are all kinds of people here. I would like to see a grocery store here though. Ever since Dominick’s left, the commute time to get groceries has been longer. The vacant space left by Dominick’s was partially replaced by a fitness center. Crime isn’t bad but I don’t recommend you leave your doors unlocked at all!
I like the community of people.and the parks. and recreation I like how the city takes care of there streets biker
Great neighborhood no diversity. Schools are average but not really acceptional. I thonk we need job opportunities thats will bring money and people spend money so our neighborhood would thrive
I like how diverse the area is. it is an up and coming neighborhood and I have been blessed to see it change.
I like being close to a lake but the crime rate is so high, that needs to change. There isn't a lot of grocery stores or a sense of community in this area.
I love living walking distance to the lakefront, 10 minutes from downtown. I'm saddened by the gun violence that's dominating this area and all of Chicago.
There's a lot of shooting where I live. Sometimes it doesn't feel like a very safe place to be. It's a good place to be because wherever you go people know who you are and you don't really have to go very far to get somewhere in your neighborhood. The only thing is there's not much to do around here that is safe.
South Shore is a thriving and growing neighborhood in which I grew up. There are many businesses, beautiful homes, and huge apartments. Located in South Shore, Bryn Mawr (known now as Bouchet) is the school where Michelle Obama attended as a child. And South Shore is also home to Jessie Jackson Junior. Us that live in this area are not far from the lake, bike path, and Cultural Center.
Overall South Shore is an aesthetically beautiful neighborhood along Lake alMichigan. The apartments are spacious and some even offer views of the lake. The one negative aspect about the South Shore is the lack of a grocery store in walking distance. There are a view small convenience stores along E.71st Street however, there are elements that I'd define as unsavory along part of East 71st Street. The elementary schools are all neighborhood schools therefore, the South Shore passes part of the family friendly test. All in all there are good and bad things to be said about South Shore but that is the case with most Chicago neighborhoods.
The police are in the area, however they are slow to respond. Not too much crime in the area
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It's close to Lake Michigan. Transportation is great and it's okay to live around
Crime rate is very low. The police are out and alert especially late night after 10PM
Where I stay at use to be the worse area to live in. But now it is upcoming and diverse